Hurst, Berkshire
Wooded Hill
A website for Hurst
Hurst n. wooded hill, hillock, wood.
[Old English hyrst, related to Old Saxon,
Old High German hurst, horst]
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Hurst Weather
Saturday 8 May 2021 13:32

Temperature 14°C
Feels like 11°C
Wind SW 20mph, gust 34mph
Visibility Very good - Between 20-40 km
Precipitation 10%
Max UV index 2
Rain initially then becoming drier but geneally cloudy. Windy. Milder.

Rain, locally heavy, at first. Then drier but largely cloudy conditions follow to all areas later this morning, with some warm sunny spells probably developing this afternoon for eastern locations. Feeling milder. Windy with sometimes strong winds. Maximum Temperature 18C.

Dry although cloudy in the west. Evening sunny spells and then clear spells overnight for the east. Mild for all areas, with the wind slowly easing. Minimum Temperature 8C.

Western areas cloudy, with patchy light rain likely. Sunny spells further east and the highest temperatures, although there is an increasing chance of thundery showers moving northwards later. Maximum Temperature 21C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Sunny spells and scattered showers Monday and Tuesday, these mainly in the afternoon and evenings and sometimes heavy. Wednesday showers or chance of longer spells of rain. Temperatures nearer normal.

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